Reasons to Hold a Viewing for a Person Prior to Cremation Services

Posted on December 2, 2019 by Steve Cochran under Cremation
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If you’re mapping out cremation services in Murphy, GA for a loved one, you might be under the impression that you need to have them cremated right away before holding any other services. But this simply couldn’t be any further from the truth. In reality, you can—and often times, should—hold a viewing for a person before you have them cremated. There are a bunch of different advantages that come along with staging a viewing for a person’s body prior to their cremation. Check out a few of the best reasons to do it below.

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Gives families a chance to come to terms with their loved one’s loss

There are some families that really struggle to accept the fact that their loved one is gone. Even though they know their loved one has died, they just can’t seem to wrap their heads around them not being around anymore. A viewing will help crystalize their loved one’s death and make it a reality. They won’t be in a state of denial any more and will be able to process their loved one’s loss and start the healing process sooner rather than later.

Allows families to say goodbye to their loved one for the final time

Once families are able to come to terms with their loved one’s loss, they’ll be in a much better position to say their final goodbyes to their loved one. And what better way to say goodbye than at a viewing? Families will be able to stand or kneel in front of their loved one’s casket and say goodbye to them in whatever way they see fit. This will provide them with a sense of closure and help them get things off their chest if they choose to do it.

Provides families with a strong support system

Viewings are obviously designed to pay tribute to a person who has died. But they’re also designed to deliver love and support to the families who are mourning their loved one’s loss. Families will be surrounded by family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and more during a viewing. They’ll see and feel the support that’s being given to them and be appreciative of it.

Costs a lot less than your family might think

Some families choose not to hold viewings for their loved ones before their Murphy, GA cremations because they think that they’ll cost too much. But viewings are very affordable compared to some other funeral services. Your family can rent a casket for your loved one rather than buying one and keep the viewing low-key if cost is a major concern.

Are you thinking about holding a viewing for your loved one prior to their cremation? Or would you like to see which other Murphy, GA funeral services you might be able to hold for them? Cochran Funeral Home would be happy to help you make the proper funeral arrangements. Contact us at (706) 632-5968 to get more information or come and sit down with a funeral director at 3911 Appalachian Hwy, Blue Ridge, GA 30513 to start planning your loved one’s cremation services.

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