5 Simple Tips for Holding a Successful Funeral Reception

Posted on April 8, 2019 by Steve Cochran under Funeral Home, Funeral Service
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When you’re in the process of planning out funeral services for a loved one, McCaysville, NC funeral homes can help you almost every step of the way. But often times, families will be responsible for coordinating funeral receptions that follow funeral services on their own. They’ll have to figure out everything from where the reception will be held to what will be served during it. Check out 5 simple tips that will allow you to hold a successful funeral reception. 

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Figure out how many people will likely attend it. 

When you plan a birthday party, a wedding reception, or almost any other kind of event, you have a rough idea of how many people will attend it. But when you’re planning a funeral reception, it can be tough to figure out exactly how many people will show up for it. That being said, you can probably take a pretty good guess so that you know approximately how many people will attend. It’s always better to err on the side of planning for too many people as opposed to making arrangements for a small number of people and having way more people show up.  

Pick a venue that will fit everyone comfortably. 

Once you’re figured out about how many people will attend your loved one’s funeral service, look around for a venue that will fit everyone who comes to the funeral reception in McCaysville, NC. Start by considering venues that were special to your loved one before expanding your search if none of them are large enough to cater to your crowd.  

Choose the right foods to serve to everyone. 

Picking out the right foods to serve at a funeral reception is arguably the most important aspect of planning it out. You want to make sure everyone leaves your reception full. Consider setting up a buffet with dishes like ziti and casserole that will be filling. You might want to choose a few foods that your loved one really enjoyed as well.  

Decorate the venue with photos of your loved one. 

You don’t have to go too overboard with decorations when you’re preparing for your loved one’s funeral reception. The venue that you hold it at doesn’t have to look extra festive for the event. But you should think about putting out a few photos of your loved one so that their presence is felt throughout the reception. It’ll spark some good conversations among people as they look back on your loved one’s life.  

Ask for help if you need it! 

The funeral home that you’re using to hold your loved one’s services might be able to help out with your funeral reception. But you also have friends and family surrounding you who would likely be more than happy to help out in any way that they can. Rather than getting overwhelmed by all the planning that you need to do for a funeral reception, ask someone close to you to take some of the planning off your plate. This will free you up to spend more time focused on the actual funeral services.  

Whether you need help planning a funeral reception or making funeral arrangements in McCaysville, NC, Cochran Funeral Home can help. Give us a call at (706) 632-5968 today to hear more about our services or swing by 3911 Appalachian Hwy., Blue Ridge, GA 30513 for a meeting with one of our funeral directors. 

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