4 Things You Should Never Do at a Cemetery During a Funeral

Posted on September 17, 2018 by Steve Cochran under Funeral Home, Funeral Service
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funeral in Young Harris, GAAre you going to be attending a burial at a cemetery following a service at a Young Harris, GA funeral home soon? You might be worried about how you should act when you’re at the cemetery, especially if you’ve never been there before. It can be a little unnerving trying to keep your composure when you’re standing in the middle of people’s graves.  

As long as you keep your voice down and be respectful at all times, you shouldn’t have any problems. But there are some things that you should never do at a cemetery under any circumstances. You should learn about them before taking part in a burial service. Take a look at 4 examples of things you shouldn’t do in a cemetery below.  

Speed through the streets inside the cemetery 

You should be mindful of the way you behave in a cemetery before you even step out of your car. If you drive to a burial service, you should slow down upon entering a cemetery and turn your music down so that it doesn’t disturb anyone. The last thing you want to do is do anything behind the wheel that will draw attention to yourself and distract others.  

Walk over top of graves. 

Once you get out of your car, you should be careful about where you walk inside of a cemetery. If possible, you should steer clear of walking directly over graves and keep your hands off gravestones and monuments in the cemetery. You should also avoid walking in between gravestones if you can help it.  

Allow kids to run all over the place. 

Are you bringing your kids along with you to a funeral in Young Harris, GA and the subsequent burial service? You should talk to them about the rules before you arrive and ask them to keep their voices down. You should also tell them that they are not to run around in the cemetery and cause a disturbance. If you don’t think they’re old enough to follow these rules, you should consider leaving them at home so that they don’t cause a ruckus and interrupt others who are trying to pray and grieve.  

Speak to others who are visiting graves. 

Out of habit, you might say hello or good morning to someone you see in a cemetery. Most people won’t mind, but there are some people who could potentially be in a deep state of grief. You could end up inadvertently interrupting them and causing them pain simply by saying hello. You should leave other people alone and allow them to go about their business in the cemetery and save your pleasantries for when you leave.  

At Cochran Funeral Home, we know that there are some people who get really nervous when walking through a cemetery. It’s why we strive to guide the guests of those who call on us for help with funerals and cremations in Young Harris, GA. We can put your guests’ minds at ease when you trust us for funeral services. Contact us at (706) 632-5968 or come see our funeral home for yourself at 3911 Appalachian Hwy, Blue Ridge, GA 30513. 

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